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Sunday, August 8th, 2010
9:06 pm
Just got to ask: Delta-H Con
The question is simple: Who's going?
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
12:50 pm
TOKYOPOP Tour: America's Greatest Otaku!
Hey everyone, this summer, TOKYOPOP is embarking on a nationwide bus tour to find America’s Greatest Otaku! The winner gets a FREE TRIP to Tokyo, and it’s also being made into an internet reality show/documentary. If you think you have what it takes, you can find out more by clicking here!

We’ll be stopping by the following cities/cons:

Jul 03 - Los Angeles, California | Anime Expo
Jul 05 - San Francisco, California
Jul 08 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 11 - Denver, Colorado
Jul 13 - Kansas City, Missouri
Jul 15 - Dallas, Texas
Jul 18 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 20 - Phoenix, Arizona Jul 23 - San Diego, California | Comicon
Jul 27 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 28 - Nashville, Tennessee
Jul 30 - Washington, DC
Jul 31 - Baltimore, Maryland | Otakon
Aug 03 - New York City, New York
Aug 04 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 07 - Indianapolis, Indiana | GenCon
Aug 09 - Louisville, Kentucky
Aug 11 - Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 14 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 21 - Chicago, Illinois | Wizard World

We'll also be stopping by other cities to do events at certain bookstores. Stay tuned for more details!

For more information and fun stuff, feel free to check out our Facebook page, twitter, and tumblr. Hope to see some of you out there this summer!
Friday, March 26th, 2010
3:35 pm
Spring Cleaning
Hey I am cleaning out my apartment and I came across 2 Animes which I am looking to sell

Magical Knight Rayearth

Would anyone be up to taking these off my hands? I don't watch them any more and I have been trying to cut down on my collection of what Animes I keep.
Monday, March 22nd, 2010
8:18 am
KamikazeCon 2010
After a very low turn-out last year, many people were finally able to go to the con this year as compared with dualing with over-rated Planet Zero and their convention, but since Delta H Con got pushed back, at the very least, you're able to take a second option without having to be worried about Easter Weekend. Thankfully, there's little problem having a con mid-town, or Galleria area.

The weakness that was apparent was gaming. The main issue was that there was hardly anything game-wise to work with other than Tekken 6, Halo 3, COD MW2, and SFIV, and when they finally got TvC, they had no controlers for the Wii. What got worse, the PS3 controlers were stiff, and absolutly none of the controls stayed on default. Table Top gaming however, did pretty well. Mostly Magic: The Gathering and Pen and Paper RPGs, but they're rarely showcased games at an anime convention. If not for that, gaming would be a mistake here.

Pricing was pretty good, $40 onsite for a Hotel is pretty fair. The hotel staff for the most part was friendly and was not in the way. As for locations, this was by far the best, but the convention didn't seem to take advantage of the Galleria itself. True that the Galleria didn't want anyone in cosplay to go into it, but it seems a bit unfair that there wasn't even a get-together at a Starbucks or one of the many restaurants in the area. Organization was poor to start, with only 2 people working pre-reg and 6 or 7 working on-site, it started off weak, but it got better as the con went on, so I don't feel so bad about the lack-of-activity outside the hotel that much.

Security was great. HPD was there and mostly didn't get in the way at all. The Hotel did a good job making sure that if there's no blood, there's no drugs, there's no guns, HPD won't hurt you, or maybe it was the convention. In any case, when a officer asks to to 'come over here please' just to take your picture, It's a great day!

Richard Cox was suppose to be there, but he missed his flight, which sucked, but it had your basic Houston convention line-up for the most part. Samantha Inoue Hearte, The Ayres Brothers, and there a few people you don't see, including Otaku Stand-up man Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer, and the voice of Lord Zedd, Robert Axelrod. Johnny Young Bosch and Eyeshine were there, rocking the house! Not the best guest list, but one of the best ones that you can put together.

The Note of the convention, it was small, yet personal in many ways. I didn't feel rushed, pushed, or demanded to do anything. I felt like they could have managed more about putting more activities together, but in the long run, I don't think there's too many problems just able to hang out with everyone. Guests included.

KamikazeCon is an upgrade for smaller conventions. It's not 'huge' but it brings you the goods. If they can improve on gaming, get the convention just a few more numbers to attend, this convention could be the next Asturi Con. There's little chance that this convention's going to die out, it seems like there's not many issues, however there's also going to be more 'yeah, we know' when it gets down to who's going to Anime Masturi. If Masturi Fails, there's no doubt who should be taking the Spring Con.
Sunday, November 1st, 2009
6:47 pm
Oni-Con 2009
This year's conventions... were mostly just... eh. Dualing ones duing Easter didn't help at all. Felt like you had to 'choose' didn't it? A steller, smaller convention tried to put the word out, but it seems that Houston didn't care. This time however, we all know there's one convention always worth going to.

I think this year they took a different approch to their guest list at Oni-con, focusing on bands insted of actors or artists. Did it work out well? Well, not sure. Those of you who are into it are happy Ecostream was there, but it's really for music fans. I'm not saying it's bad, but just not my cup of tea.

Sercurty failed mostly this year. Serval things went wrong, from stuff being thown from atop by hotel guests to not moving the flow of trafic around, to one of the wost times in Houston Anime Convention history. During Friday, there were breakdancers simply showing off. One of the staff told the group that 'they couldn't have an exibition' in the area. No explonation on what it meant, or even moving the group over, they ended up taking badges from a few of them. To me, that's just... WRONG!

Pricing was like last year, GRB cheep consitering. At least Oni-con will always seem to be inexpensive over the other three conventions. $35 Vs whatever-the-heck Anime Masturi feels like charging is always a good thing. Even more impressive when you face the $40 Delta H Con asks for the U of H student Center.

Gaming got old, but still worth going to. The problem is this year, ZERO card or table top games. Anime wasn't specail ether, mostly whatever kind of was out for a while.

The huge problem: The size of the rooms for pannels. They were extremely small, and the anime rooms were no different. It's been a long time since hentai fest had a line that lasted 30 minutes to get in, AFTER the event started. There's just not enough space for Oni-con. This is something to avoid.

Note of the convention: Those with 'Inner' rooms were writing lots of crazy things on paper and putting them up on display. From room parties to free hugs to boobies, if you could dream it, you put it up there. Very creative I think.

Oni-con didn't dissapoint, but their organization needs to be MUCH better and find a hotel that can host at the least 2,000-5,000, because lets face it, that's what they're going to get every year from this time foward. It seemed they weren't trying at all and really, they know better. The don't even have to try, just say Oni-con and people will go. I don't think it was a bad convention, just that the staff needs to get much wiser in the long run. There will be no 'compeating' conventions on one weekend next year, so even if some people wanted to, they're not going to miss out on more than they would have. All I can say is, Oni-con better be ready.
Monday, July 27th, 2009
4:58 pm
Otaku coffie shop meeting (planing stage)
I was wondering if anyone knew of a coffie shop in downtown Houston (starbucks is fine) that would allow for a small-sized get together of sourts for anime fans. Nothing specail, just a group of fans realxing. I'm hoping to do this next month. Location is key, not pricing.
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
8:02 pm
Here it is... First Oni-con update!
That's right guys! All the other conventions have to look up at this one still! This maybe old news for some, but Oni-con will be held on Octorber 30 - November 1st. THAT'S RIGHT people! All Hallow's Eve! And the location? The Houston Marriott Westchase. Sadly, a bit distant for those in mid-town, but still not a bad location.

So... anyone with any plans yet?
Monday, April 27th, 2009
8:49 am
Delta H Con 2009
To be honest, small conventions like this one aren't on many people's list of places to go. But when conventions put their name out to everyone and people still don't go, much as the case was this year, you instantly think of reasons to excuse yourselfs. The econimy is bad. No one wants to do two conventions in a month. There's really no one I'm interested in on the guest list.

You say that to me... but both me and the convention staff really have to show you how wrong you guys are.

Once more, it's a smaller convention trying to at least work up a tad. This year they did all the good things from last year. Solid anime titles in the anime room. PC gaming being used. A mix of Street Fighter 4 and Rockband to be played. Getting that big name guest that never seems to be in Houston. They deliver on their end no matter what.

The security for a small convention likely could sleep though it all... not the case. They were out there everywhere. In fact, most of the staff were doing everything possible to keep things in line. They didn't need to, the convention was smove again, but there was no hiding behind a closed door for these guys.

The one bad spot on the case of Delta H Con last year for me was the price. They did drop it a tad, but only by 7 dollars. Really, not sure how the University Center costs, but it runs along Oni-con's lines for G.R.B... still by value, not really a great deal.

Once more, the bad thing is people not getting out there. This time the convention did things on their end. They want things to go well, but it seems that the fans in Houston are already dealing with another convention war this month... fairly or unfairly, it affected a convention that had no part in it. But thinking about it this way, it's even harder for me to think they did a great job with numbers when they are at a major collage campuse. Hmm...

Note of the convention was simply the guest list was different, and it will improve the final grade in the end. Spike Spencer, Lord Vile, a web-series cast known as 'The Guild', they even had the $400 an hour D.J. HeavyGrinder. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

I'll be honest with everyone, the covention's there, just go. You've made it two years in a row now that you felt like not giving something new a chance... Delta H Con will get better yet I feel, and to make the case known that their still in a place that won't fool around with them, go look at The Universtiy Center itself. Time to end your excuses...
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
9:14 am
Delta-H Con Roll Call
Who's going? Other than me that is.
Sunday, April 12th, 2009
4:11 pm
For those who went...
I have to ask how the conventions went. So for those who went to the cons, would you mind doing a review of them for me? Thank you.
Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
9:33 am
Con Crazy Weekend
Ok, I know some of you are going to ether convention this week, but I've counted a total of 6 conventions in the United States this weekend. So, which convention, if any, are you going to be at?

Me? Sorry, Easter means familly time. That means my not-so-loyal tentical servent will have to do my bidding! HAHAHAHAHA!
Sunday, December 28th, 2008
10:35 am
Making the greade: Delta-H Con
Concept: C

Really, it was all about U of H and their anime convention ideas. I'm not too sure however what dirrection they wanted to take it. The good news was they knew they couldn't handle a large croud of people, but the bad news is they didn't try to advertise all year. Maybe more advertising will help.

Guest List: B+

Not many people due to everyone flocking to ACen, which is one of the nations major anime conventions. Given that, they did a good job on bringing the voice of Naruto into the convention. Hell, it could have been much worse, but with a small convention, a big named guest is a plus.

Events: F

You had the ability to do whatever, but you never did. Yet again, your typical Houston area anime convention that does numbers but barely does anything to enjoy things with them. As sad as it seems, this trend in Houston conventions is getting on my nerves. Ether the conventions should do more of the guests, but it's starting to get boring.

Security: A+

Who needs numbers? The convention security was small enough to manage better than Anime Masturi and Oni-con put together I think. Seriouslly, with about 200 or so convention go-ers this year, you can't put too many people out there, but thankfully it wasn't too few. Just right, as long as no one got hurt.

Gamning: B+

No arcades, but tons of CCG and PC games make this go up greatlly. If you want to put it in terms of what you'd expect, try being able to play Smash Bros. in one room, Portal in another, and CON in the main hall. Have you seen an anime convention that did all of that at once? No, didn' think so.

Video Rooms: C-

Ok, some of the anime were grand, they had a few good titles, but without a chance to do a Hentai fest, or even an AMV room, it wasn't like it was steller. I will say though, it wasn't bland ether, mixing in some must-see titles like Hell Girl into things. Lovely, but let's see how they improve things this year.

Organization: D+ to B-

First Year convention, good size, well managed, not expecting to do too much. That maybe a problem. You could have said they should do more to advertise, as impressed as I was, or you could say they did what they expected to do. Ether way, there's no A ranking or F ranking since the spectrum was fine on both sides.

Administartion: B

The only problem was I felt like they didn't push themselfs out at the convention itself to really warnent much more then a B. At worst it would be that they should advertise more, but U of H did us all a big service by not going over the top, being more understanding, and above all else, not thowing con virgins to the wolves.

Pricing: F

Now if anything, it wasn't really a grand idea to charge people $30 to pre-reg at your own place, let alone $45 at the door. In fact, if there was one part of this whole convention that was for sure a mistake, it was this. Expecially after Oni-con only charged $40 at the door at the GRB. Uh-oh!

Over-all Raiting: B-

Go to this convention when they have it, it's worth it. Forget A-Kon, don't waste all that money planing a trip to ACen unless you have friends in the area. Give yourself a chance to try something new, as this convention did. I have no doubts they will improve, as the buzz goes out there. Give them a chance, you will not regreat it.
Monday, December 22nd, 2008
9:10 pm
Another anime convention year in Houston
Before I make grades, it's time to make my thoughts known. Comment all you wishRead more...Collapse )
Sunday, December 21st, 2008
3:12 pm
Oni-con 2008
As normal, Oni-con has to be the stand-out. Other conventions in Houston have had to deal with a lot, but no one had to deal with more than Oni-con did this year. After Hurricane Ike, the city NEEDED something to enjoy.

Consitering what happened, organization was a bit better than expected. This time people got things right, the staff pointed things in the right direction, showing people where everything was, and put autograph rooms up again. Even though getting your name on the badges, everyone was able to get one after the worries that you couldn't.

Rumor has it that there were people who wrote on the walls on the 7th floor or the Hotel. Not sure if Hotels need more security, but clearlly security needs to be upgraded or rather, better handled. Truelly something that needs to look at to make sure that things don't go wrong in the Hotel.

Voice actors were there, artists were there, the arcade, though now getting repetitive in some regards, was there, but the over-all scope of things, everything you wanted to go to was there. Even after the Hurricane, it seems to help that everyone and everything was still willing to go on. Pushed back or not. That never changed: Oni-con was still there.

Of course, the same good things stem the same problems. Hentai fest... blah. Events outside the convention... blah. Guests engaging with fans other than Vic...Blah. It would have worked 4 years ago, but now it's time to change somethings for better and greener pastures. Most of this, repestive, needs upgrades or newer people with deeper connections.

All that aside, tried and true works. It's not that they could do better, but now they have to. The truth of the matter is Oni-con is still solid, but you're being hit on all sides by newer conventions. It's clearlly time to expand, or find more personallity. It's getting risky to have hardlly anything worth-while outside of meeting people.

Again, Oni-con is where I'm going to be heading next year... but it's getting old, and during the expansion of conventions in Houston, getting old is a bad thing.
Saturday, December 6th, 2008
9:34 am
I'm looking for any new infomation on ether Oni-con or Yami con. Other than you guys should bring your own booze at the party in my room Saturday, I would like to know what else is still being planed.
Monday, October 27th, 2008
8:27 pm
Birthday Party at Oni-con!
We don't know what room it will be in, but it Will be Saturday the 20th. If anyone wants to also do a Houston Anime/Houston Gamers party at Yami Con, let me know so we can set something up!

Everyone's invited to J.R.Karsten's Birthday Party, Saturday December 20th in room ___ of The Hilton Hotel Americas in Downtown Houston. Just bring your badge to come on in!
Sunday, August 24th, 2008
7:52 pm
And... it's over
As some of you may (or may not have) known, Paradise Anime closed it's doors to it's store (although they will continue having the website) yesterday. So, does anyone know of any other anime stores around?

And... something I found for you gamers:

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
11:15 pm
Oni-con rumors...
Ok, I heared that Oni-con was going to be on the first floor of the G.R.B... in the same room... the WHOLE CONVENTION.

I don't know about this too much, but it's bad enough two conventions are dualing each other during Easter Weekend *insert reasons why I won't be going to ether here*

Anyway... is this one-room convention fact... a deterant?

Also, if you guys know anything else, let me know.


This is what happens the other 3 or so days out of the year between me and squidflakes Otherwise... just like at hentai_world he's my... um... octo-pod?

Saturday, June 21st, 2008
9:22 am
Is anyone else looking at all of this?
Ok, maybe this year wasn't great for anime conventions going on in Houston, but currentlly, I'm counting 6 different Anime Conventions next year (Kamakazecon, Anime Masturi, Delta-H Con, Asuri Con, Oni-con, and Yami Con). And yet, consitering how I'm more than worried about how much all of these sepratelly is going to cost me (and other otaku in Houston), add them all together, and we have a problem. Not that we're not having a lot of conventions, that we don't have a lot of money. So, with that, comes into question: How does one deal with all of them in one year?

Really, I'd like to know your plans... and if there's a convention I'm missing, please add that too.
Friday, June 13th, 2008
7:53 pm
Because I want to, and because Oni-Con's months away...
Dear fellow Houston Area anime fans:

I have long thought about this mighty idea for nearlly a year now, and so, I figured since I would like to do something fun, crazy, and border-line hentai, I have started to come up with the construction of the Kind-of-offical fan club for one of Houston's most noted, and most perverted otaku: squidflakes I call it: The Octo-pussy Armada!

Although, it's only in planing stage 1, and I don't have a fan club yet (I'm thinking of a name, like the james-kun sempais or something), I felt like it must be done for those who actually do something other than take pictures of half-naked women. He takes pictures of half-naked women with tenticals rapped around them.

Anyway, I need a few things before I can do it all, but how is that idea?

And if a certen tentical guy comments with a huge ego, I'm going to start working on my fan club insted.
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